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  The Illiana Walleye Club is a non-profit organization. The current membership is weighted heavily toward Walleye fisherman, because of the combined efforts of Walleye fisherman who spearheaded the organization.

There is no limit to the number of registered members. Anyone interested in promoting Walleye fishing in the Midwest and in competitive angling can apply.

The forty-five dollar annual membership fee entitles a registered member to:

·         Expert speakers at every meeting

·         Guest speakers at selected meetings

·         Membership card and 10% discount at Miklurch Tackle

·         Support the preservation of competitive and conservation issues in Walleye Fishing

·         Support “Fishing with Kids” events

·         Club Trips

·         Promote “Selective Harvest” - fishing toward our future

·         Promote professionalism in Walleye sport fishing

·         Eligibility to participate in local Illiana Walleye Club tournaments

·         11 meetings per year

·         Annual awards banquet

·         Midwest fishing reports


Note: Meetings will be held at the Lansing VFW located at 2433 Ridge Rd. Lansing, Illinois.  All meetings will be on the third Thursday of each month unless otherwise notified.

 All meetings will start at 7:00 p.m.


          Contacts: Mike Gibson 219-864-1712         e-mail

                          Dan Grapenthein 708-474-2141   e-mail

                          Kurt Schoettle 219-865-7855       e-mail

                          Al Schrofer 815-464-9313           e-mail




Illiana Walleye Club

3050 170th Street

Lansing, Ill. 60438


Illiana Walleye Club



I hereby apply for membership in the Illiana Walleye Club.  The undersigned agrees to comply with the bylaws and code ethics of the organization, presently in effect and as may be modified by the action of the membership and board of directors.







Official Application


Registered Illiana Walleye Club Member - $45.00









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Mail to:  Illiana Walleye Club

                3050 170th Street

                Lansing, IL 60438